It has never been more critical to think about the customer’s brand and buying experience as a single landscape. The new reality requires an everywhere, anytime experience of the brand promise and message to attract, engage or transact. Creative is no more depending on technology and the physical content cannot exist without the virtual.


Unique Impacts is re-inventing how branding stories propagate through the market place, the corporate board, the digital space and the consumers minds. We are redefining how the world views an agency by fully integrating Brand, Digital and Commerce – and we are doing it at the speed of the new age consumer. In always active media space, multiple brand touch-points and connections have revolutionized brand communications, diluting the effectiveness of traditional marketing approaches.


We demand integrity when compromise would be the easy way out. We encourage our clients to take the risks they need in order to build the best future for their brand. We strive to maintain a steady adherence to excellence and believe that sometimes having the hard conversations upfront is the only way to turn decent ideas into remarkable ones.


Great relationships are at the core of great work, we work to defend it. We recognize that trust is necessary in developing happy client relationships. If our clients cannot believe that we will  follow through, the work will suffer as a result. As a team, we stay committed to the promises we make. The whole team works to accomplish the best work possible—if it bears our name, we are all accountable for it.


Design creates culture, culture shapes values and values determine the future. Our key strength is our organic team culture – one that does not require a hierarchical management structure.


Our culture is entirely about infinite possibilities and conviction in a future that is brighter than the present. It is the belief with which we started our agency. It is the vision with which we built it. It is the strength with which we continue to evolve and innovate.


We have the confidence to put the people with the most relevant expertise and experience into any given situation. This is possible because our leadership team has worked together for many years and trust each other to always deliver their best. During those years they have all developed Unique Impact and hybrid skills, combining different blends of business, brand event management and digital.


It is time for true values to replace the external brand image. Looking good is no longer enough.